I have a few strange things that really bring me joy and this is one of them. The very first spoonful of peanut butter out of the jar, breaking that perfectly smooth top and consuming it slowly. I have been doing this blog for a while now so here is one my favorite things. The smooth and creamy texture is magnified in that first bite, its almost as if they churn the top layer a little more.


  1. i don't think it's strange at all that this brings you joy.

    okay, maybe a little strange, but i concur completely--thanks for making me smile! :)

  2. I just opened a new canister of peanut butter as well. Of course I had the first spoonful by itself... but I had to spread some more of the oh so smooth top over toast. It seems to melt and spread so perfectly. Jesus, I love peanut butter.

  3. Grace - Normal people are boring so I'm good with being a little strange.
    Patricia - I love it too.
    Jana - Doesn't seem like the best part of the jar. I wish I could have a jar of just the top part.

  4. OK, totally not strange at all. Have you tried dipping a spoonful of pb in rice krispies or chocolate chips? You've got yourself a whole dessert in a few bites - but its always hard for me to stop after a few. =)

    Great blog - found you on the foodie blogroll.

  5. Deb - I used to do that with m&m's when I was younger but alas those calories now go straight to my hips so I have to settle for just the peanut butter.


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