Time for Break

Sad to say I feel the need to take a self imposed break from the blogging world because the guilt of not being able to post is overwhelming. There is alot of changes going on in the world of Salt and Chocolate, our house is officially on the market tomorrow which means I have been cleaning and fixing up my house like a mad woman for the last week. Don't worry P did ALOT of work too! And because it is on the market I have to keep it looking perfect and staged like this..
Yes, that is my kitchen and its impeccably clean especially for me. There is nothing out on the counter and everything has been wiped down. So that makes it really hard for me to cook because lets face it I make a HUGE mess everything I cook or bake anything!

I'm hoping that in the next few weeks I can figure out this whole living in a house that I have to keep clean at all times enough to be able to cook again. Because Drum Roll Please....... I'm getting my blog redesigned and it should be done soon!

So Sorry in advance for my absence and I will try to keep up with everyone's posts but I have a feeling this house thing is going to take alot out of me!


  1. we all go through the bloggin blues...we will be here when u return

  2. Trust me, I get where you must be coming from. My kitchen is tiny... and if I had to keep it utterly spotless (and uncluttered -- which is the big one), I'd go crazy!

    Hope your home sells quickly! And, in the meantime, we'll be patiently awaiting your return! Take care.

  3. Good luck on selling your house! Very cool on the blog makeover!

    Btw, thanks again for the vanilla. While I haven't blogged an "official" thank you please know that I am using it almost every other day. I just used it tonight to make a vanilla ice cream (the base for cookies & cream) and it had a really nice vanilla flavor. Anyway...thanks again!!

  4. Your place is beautiful! Love the arched entryway!

    PS - Yay for blog redesigns. I love playing with mine. (Of course, I also hate it because it will suck all these hours of time from me, while I keep tweaking this and then that and then reconsidering if I should just go back to the beginning. Wow, I guess I hate it more than love it, but be encouraged that you can't be as schitzo as I am with these things!)

  5. Hope your home sells soon Katie - like Leslie said, we will be here when you return!

  6. Katie:
    Good luck on selling your house although I hate it that you are leaving that great kitchen!

    I enjoy your blog and believe me your readers do not hold the same expectations for you that you set for yourself. We enjoy what we get.
    So anything you want to give us is fine. So just post what you can when you can. In the meantime, enjoy your time off and we look forward to hearing from you again soon.

  7. I will miss reading your blog and will eagerly await your return. I've been meaning to thank you for the sugars that I won. I love them and appreciate being a winner!
    Good luck!

  8. Yes, good luck with the sale of your house. It is a great looking kitchen! :)


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