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Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

  I never really go into the whole whoopie pie craze. I now regret that whole heartedly. Not because I like to be trendy but because they are the perfect ratio. Now I’m a little Type A and I like things to have a certain ratio of ingredients. So when cupcakes are all cake and no frosting or vice versa I really don’t like it. So these are perfect not only is the ratio perfect but you surround the great cream cheese frosting with cake on both sides. And Can I just say Cream Cheese Frosting rocks, I don’t care what my sister says.  Yes I know you are probably in shock right now but it is true there are people out there who apparently don’t think Cream Cheese Frosting is the best thing in the world and could eat a bowlful of it on a semi regular basis. Not that I have ever done that before. Back to the whoopie pies, they really are a perfect dessert and the fact that they are hand held makes them even better. I know what I will be serving at the Super Bowl now! Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

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