Hi My Name is Katie and…

I’m on a Diet, yes there I said it. Feels freeing like in a 12 step program or something. I’m trying to lose some of this baby weight and lets face it some before the baby weight too.

Since C was born via C Section any future kids will be too so I figured I better get in amazing shape before then.

So I officially became a Suburban Mom and joined a Zumba class with some friends. It totally kicks my butt and makes the time go by fast. But Exercise alone won’t do it. Let’s face it running a blog that has basically just baked goods isn’t really helping the situation.

Hence the recipes that are more real food that I have been doing. Sweets are however my downfall, I just love them so much.

So when My BlogSpark asked If I wanted to try some Fiber One Brownies that were only 90 calories. I figured what the heck they might just be the answer to my sweet tooth problem.

So if you are on a diet and are looking for a sweet option for only 90 calories why not enter to win the wonderful prize back below.

Ok so the Rules and Regulations part. This is open to All US residents. This giveaway will end July 1st at 12pm Central Time.

Now How to Enter 3 Different Ways!
1. Leave a Comment here about anything diet related, tips, tricks, your diet downfalls.

2. Tweet about this post and then leave a comment back here with the link to the tweet.

3. Talk about this Giveaway on your Blog and leave a comment with a link back to the post.

And Make Sure you leave me a way to contact you! Otherwise how can I let you know you won.

Good Luck!
Disclaimer – I was given the above prize pack for this post from My BlogSpark  and Fiber One but my opinions are my own.


  1. I hear you on this part especially. "Let’s face it running a blog that has basically just baked goods isn’t really helping the situation."

    My diet top: drink a ton-o-water. And then drink some more water.

  2. Here is my tweet. http://twitter.com/#!/ksterner


  3. I love Weight Watchers when I actually track. I agree too about drinking water! Really helps take off the hunger!

  4. MyFitnessPal(.com) is my favorite app (and website) for making me accountable for my dieting and exercise regimen! I don't deny myself things, but I try to be aware of what I'm eating and how much of it I'm eating -- and it totally works!

    Thanks =)

  5. I think the best way to prevent night snacking is to brush your teeth after dinner. Who wants to destroy that minty taste?


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