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When I started this blog a little over 4 years ago I didn’t know what it would turn into or if I would keep it going for as long as I have.

It has turned into an outlet, a reason to try a recipe and a way to share my love of food with the world.

My life in those 4 years has changed quite a bit and with C in the picture now my free time for baking and cooking has been reduced not that I mind as I get to spend time with her instead.
So my life has been consumed with bottles and diapers and baby food. Baby food that I make for her because I feel its the best for her and its something I know everyone can do so I thought I would share.

When I was pregnant I bought a few baby food cookbooks and to tell you the truth I haven’t really touched one since I started making baby food for her. They didn’t follow what I felt she should be eating or they had ingredients I wasn’t going to drive an hour to find.

I find making baby food really easy and it takes roughly the same amount of effort to make 1lb of apples as it is 10lbs of apples. And as a working mom I need to mass produce as much as I can.

I have a process that I follow, not really a recipe. You don’t need any fancy equipment or special baby blender. The food processor, blender or immersion blender you got from your wedding shower or that you already have will work just fine.

6076648063_b9762cbfdb_b In this photo there are Raspberries, Apricots, Blueberries, and Nectarines.

Apple Baby Food – AKA Applesauce
Peel and core as many apples as you would like to make and cut them into a large dice.
Put them in a pot with small amount of water and put a lid on it and cook them over medium heat stirring occasionally until fork tender. You might have to add additional water if it all evaporates.
Place the fruit in bowl of your food processor, blender or use your immersion blender right in the pot. Blend until you reach your desired consistency, really blended to begin with and then chunkier as they get older.
Repeat with any fruit or vegetable. You might not need any extra liquid when making some of the softer fruits.

I place all my baby food in portioned out sizes in the freezer. Some people use ice cube trays or other containers. I love these Beaba containers I found. They hold a lot more so its less guess work as to how much to thaw out. They are the only specialized baby food item I use.

If I’m feeling ambitious I’ll peel the softer fruit, if not ill just strain out the skins or seeds depending on the fruit. I strained the raspberries I made for C and the nectarines.

So this is what my freezer looks like on a regular basis. Bags of frozen baby food and baby food freezing.
So that is my life now, baby food, C and enjoying every moment I have with her.

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