Pork A Palooza 2011

First I would like to thank Roger Goodell  the NFL Commissioner for having me host Pork A Palooza 2011.

You may ask why am I thanking Roger Goodell the NFL Commissioner because he changed how the draft works. Every year we threw an NFL draft party now I understand most of you would understand why some one would throw a Super Bowl party or a party on a random Sunday to watch the game. However you do not live with my husband who is a football fanatic, we watch the NFL combine, we watch the draft (all 3 days), we watch every football game the Chicago Bears play, and we always have a Super Bowl party.

So when it would be draft day everyone would be at my house early on Saturday morning ready to eat what seemed like at least 10lbs of meat a person. They would then call each other the next morning and talk about the meat sweats they had the night before.

But the commish he changed things last year he made the NFL draft move to a Thursday night during prime time. This made it rather difficult to have a party because people have jobs, children and other obligations on Thursday nights so this year when the NFL draft was still on a Thursday I decided we should do something during draft season.

So I decided we were going to throw Pork A Palooza 2011, everything was going to be made with pork, drinks, desserts, you name it, everything was going to have a pork or pork by product in it.  So with out further ado I give you Pork A Palooza 2011.


Drinks -
Bacon Chocolate Martini
Bacon Apple Bourbon Fizz

Food -
Bacon Explosion Burgers
Ham, Brie and Fig Panini
Bacon Wrapped Blue Cheese Dates
Bacon Fat Cornbread
Ham Cheese and Chive Bread
Sonoran Hot Dogs
Chorizo Pozole inspired Soup
Roasted Cauliflower and Bacon Soup
Cheddar, Guinness and Bacon Spread
Pancetta Poutine
Pulled Pork Nachos

Desserts -
Bacon Truffles
Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies
Bacon and Beer Smores
Bacon Brittle
IMG_4874These are the dates which were amazing.
IMG_4887The Cauliflower and Bacon Soup, my personal favorite.
IMG_4912The Pancetta Poutine, a Real Crowd Pleaser.
IMG_4928The Bacon Explosion Slider, we ran out of these pretty quickly.
IMG_4916  The Sonoran, messy to eat but oh so tasty.
5598652637_c81f0285a8_b Ham Cheese and Chive Bread.

I didn't get pictures of everything as I was playing hostess and baby wrangler.
But this was the aftermath.
And Because this is already an awfully long post. I will be posting the recipes in another post.

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