I’m Back………

Sorry for my prolonged absence. It has been with good reason, But I’m back and ready to bake!

So of course my first post back involves baking right… WRONG. It involves Spring Cleaning which is what I have been doing not only in my house lately but also my life. Re prioritizing and Reevaluating things.


So what better way to celebrate than to give away some super cleaning products that are also Eco conscious.

So when My Blog Spark asked if I would like to try these and then give some away, heck yes I said I would! So a big thanks to them and Seventh Generation.

I have been wanting to try their products for a while and yes you really get everything pictured no samples here. So We have been using the products for a week now and I think they clean great.

So lets get to the good part where you can win some!

Ok so the Rules and Regulations part. This is open to All US residents. This giveaway will end April 1st at 5pm Central Time.

Now How to Enter 3 Different Ways!

1. Leave a Comment here about why you would like to try Seventh Generation Products.

2. Tweet about this post and then leave a comment back here with the link to the tweet.

3. Talk about this Giveaway on your Blog and leave a comment with a link back to the post.

And Make Sure you leave me a way to contact you! Otherwise how can I let you know you won.

Good Luck!


  1. I'd love to try the full line of Seventh Generation cleaning products because I'm increasingly concerned about the unnamed chemicals hiding behind the labels of conventional products. Not only are they hazardous to the humans in the house, my cat also has a habit of taking food from her bowl, dropping it on the kitchen floor, and eating it from there. Sometimes she even licks the floor after! (Should be clear why I want both to clean my floor and to clean it with something totally safe!)

  2. awesome idea for a giveaway! i love the foodie gift ideas, but helping the environment is much needed. would love to do my part and try the new line!

    cheers and thanks,


  3. i am just glad to see you back!

  4. I have heard a lot about this brand. Would love to try it out. Great giveaway idea.

  5. I've recently seen a bunch of commercials for this brand, and have been meaning to give it a try as part of a resolve to do more to be more earth conscious.

    And, amen to the much needed spring cleaning. Of life and of home.

  6. I have been wanting to try their products but don't know which ones to start with.

    Welcome back!

  7. What a great giveaway! I have wanted to try these products for some time, and I am trying to find products that don't use hazardous chemicals.

  8. Cool! I was just shopping online for 7th generation products. In fact I just tweeted about their trash bags.

    I'm interested in using 7th generation products because they:

    1. Help reduce waste in landfills
    2. Save our precious trees
    3. Make you feel good :)
    4. Inspire us to make a difference
    5. Are kid and pet friendly.

    I'm looking forward to using the trash bags (made from 65% recycled plastic) and the paper towels. The paper towels look really attractive though, especially as I tend to use plenty when eating fruit.

    C'est tout!

  9. I've tried a few of their products but would love to expand my experience with greener products, I really hate using chemicals in my home!

  10. Just let my Twitter friends know about the 7th generation contest AND the great recipes on this site. I love the quiche recipe & will try it tonight. Though I might have to substitute the cream cheese for something else.

    Anyway here's the link to my Twitter post: http://tiny.cc/5yvs6

    I was typing so fast I made grammatical error, but it's no big deal. The link back to this site works though.

    Au Revior

  11. green, i am not. yet. i need some help!

  12. i'm incredibly sensitive to most traditional cleaners, so i'd love to give seventh generation a try!

  13. Welcome back!

    I try to use us-friendly cleaners as much as possible - vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, Murphy's oil, etc. A lot of times, though, I need something stronger than what those products offer and just suffer through. I am very sensitive to a lot of common household cleaners, especially now that I spend so much time at home, and I also don't like having to throw my dogs outside just to clean the house (for their sakes). I've been wanting to try some more eco-friendly cleaners but can't seem to stomach the price tag for the sake of try-outs. This would be great!


  14. Also just Tweeted about the giveaway and linked back to the post. http://ow.ly/1tz1o



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