Bacon Brittle

I have been cooking in the kitchen however nothing really all that blog worthy. So to break myself in I tried something I have never done before, Candy making. Well it was actually pretty easy so I don't know if it can truly be called candymaking. As alot of bloggers do I have many saved recipes that I see on other blogs or websites that I want to try so I save them or print them. ( I know horrible how many trees I have killed) Never the less I wanted to get my head back in the game as this weekend my kitchen will be cookie baking central. Well not just cookies but I digress. So i attempted to make Bacon Brittle. And I must say it turned out nicely. P and I went to Fresh Market and picked out some nice Applewood smoked bacon for this as I knew regular bacon would just not do for something like this. I then broke out my new All Clad 3 qt. Saucier. And started cooking sugar. After cooking it to the nice tan shade that you see I mixed in the Bacon pieces and laid it all out on the Silpat. I must say it is a strange combination however it is very good. A nice combo of Salty and Sweet.

Before the breaking.......

After the breaking....

I used the recipe posted on Off the Bone.


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