Double Deep Fried Burger

Yes that is right Double Deep Fried Burger. I don't know what else to really say about this burger other than its a heart attack on a plate and my husband loved it. How is it double deep fried you ask. Well first the patty is flattened to be very thin and then deep fried, hence the need for 2 patty's in a burger and then the whole burger is assembled and coated in beer batter and then deep fried. I believe the first comment about this burger was Oh Yeah its good!

Don't worry I will be posting what we ate for the rest of the Super Bowl this a just a teaser!


  1. Oh yeah, probably is a heart attack on a plate! I could eat it safely, but Grumpy? Umm, his cholesterol is too high, so I can't share w/ him. ;)

  2. OMG..I am sooo not showing this to my hubby! He would have a heart attack just looking at it!
    It looks sinfully delicious!

  3. Off the charts good!!! This is a heart attack waiting to happen but oh so good!!

  4. of course he loved it! surely it'd be okay to have one once a month or so, right?

  5. i want this!!!

    im not a big chocolate/sweets fan...give me a burger and this girl is happy!! (ask brynn...i get a double cheeseburger from mcdonalds as my comfort food)



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