New Year, New Resolution

Every Year People make resolutions some we keep and some we don't even stand a chance at keeping.

I'm a list maker, a horrible type A list maker. And I made lists of things I wanted to do in 2010 some of which I did and some of which I didn't complete.

So this year I have one simple resolution, to actually use the many cookbooks I own. So during my lunch break at work (I'm actually going to use it for me time instead of just working through lunch), I'm going to bring a cookbook and use these fun little post it tabs that I got and mark down the recipes I want to make. And then I will bring that cookbook home and make everything that I marked and only when that is done can I move on to another cookbook.

I'm hoping this helps me make a commitment to my baking again since having cupcake has been my major priority. I think I deserve to do some baking, so I'm looking forward to sharing all of that with you.

And if you are wondering what I had written down to do that didn't get done in 2010, you are nosy. But fine I'll share with you.

1. Master Pie Crust - I didn't even attempt this and I will as I am sure there is some in one of my cookbooks
2. Finish the rest of my Catering Menu - I got about half of the cupcakes done but I still need to do some recipe formulation on the rest
3. Learn the ins and outs of my camera - I tried to read the manual, BORING
4. Make a Crepe Cake - I just need some uninterrupted time and lets face it I'm a mom now so that might not happen for the next 18 years :)
5.Organize my closet - I actually just bought some containers to help with this but they are however just sitting in my front room. Sigh.

But I did make about 4 gallons of vanilla extract, so if you need some let me know :) and I did complete my holiday baking and learned a few tricks while doing that. So between being pregnant, having a baby and all that comes with that I don't feel bad about what I didn't get done at all.

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