Cookies don’t Shake Hands, Cookies have to Hug

I'm Type A as I have said many times before and I'm really hard on myself when things don't turn out as planned. But now that C is in the picture I don't have as much time to worry about small things. So when I was trying to make a dessert for work from a recipe I found, things did not work out as planned. And these cookies were for the garnish for this dessert and as you can see even these didn't come out right. But you know what I didn't care, I thought 2 cookies together equals 1 cookie. :) And that these cookies must know its close to Valentine's Day and they just love each other so much they had to hug. I know the cookies spread and they didn't actually want to hug so need for any lectures on how to fix my cookies.
So the next time your cookies hug don't worry because I'm sure they will still taste great!

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