Easy Snack

What do you eat when your husband's away and you just feel like a little snack.

Whole Wheat Beer Bread
Cultured Butter
Roma Tomatoes
Parmesan Cheese

I cheated as I was feeling really lazy this weekend and made the bread from gasp.... a mix. By Tastefully Simple all you do is add one bottle of beer and mix and 45 minutes later you have fresh bread. Its not perfect and not a yeast bread by any means but if you are in a pinch for some baking smells in your house and tummy it sure does the job. My mom gets me these mixes and several other items when ever she goes to a Tastefully Simple Party.

I used a Blue Moon for the beer. I would suggest using something like that versus a Miller or Bud the taste just isn't the same. An amber or even a lager would be nice as well.

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