Apple Pie Baked in a Brown Paper Bag

Apple Pie baked in a Brown Paper Bag. Yes it sounds strange but it is the best Apple Pie I have ever had in my whole life. If you ever have the chance to make it to Elegant Farmer in Mukwonago Wisconsin I highly recommend you do. It’s not too far from Lake Geneva WI or Milwaukee and its definitely worth the trip. This pie brings back great memories for me. I was first introduced to this pie when I was a camp counselor in a nearby town. We had a day off and one of my fellow counselors was raving about this pie so we took a trip. Let me say that coming from a metropolitan area I was amazed and in love at first site. It’s very rustic and inviting and the smell of fresh baked pies hits you right as you walk in. They have a lot more than just pies, they have cheese, ham, fresh fruit, amazing berry apple cider, and a tons of other baked goods. I won’t go on about those just check out their website. Once I made it past all of the other items they offer in the store I was faced with a fantastic display of baked goods and many bakers racks of pies. We chose to go with the classic apple pie, a 9 inch pie for 3 people. We drove back to camp for what seemed like hours with the fresh baked pie in the back seat the smell of sweet buttery goodness calling our name. We were able to make it up the lodge before we dug into the pie. 3 forks and 20 minutes later the pie was gone. After that I was hooked, I brought one home to my family the next time I went home. In hindsight that was a bad idea because every time I came home I had to pick up at least 3 pies then,1 fresh and 2 frozen. Because they too had become hooked. When P and I were dating I told him about this pie and when we went to go see my sister who by then was a counselor herself we got a pie. And he too was astounded by how good this pie was. We then brought it for Thanksgiving to his family and they really liked the pie as well. So because I have introduced to many people already, I thought why not introduce it the masses via my blog. So this love affair with the Best Apple Pie began over 10 years ago and will continue for a long time to come.

One of my favorite parts of this pie is removing the bag from the pie. As you slowly pull of pieces of the bag some of the fantastic buttery crust will come off and you can peel it off of the bag and snack on it so no one knows you already had a taste when you bring out the pie. And Finally a picture of a slice of pie. Bet you wish you had a piece right now!

Update - I have had a lot of people asking for a recipe for this and trust me I wish I had one. I did find this
and in the comments people have suggestions but I don't think that Elegant Farmer will ever give up the recipe.


  1. Oh yum and yes I do wish I had a piece right now - Do you ship!!

    This really looks great -

    Happy Friday

  2. i'll be the aroma when you open the bag is amazing. this is such a neat idea, and since i'm obsessed with apple pie, i feel that i must give it a try.

  3. Cathy - I don't ship but it looks like they do. Its the best pie in the world!
    Grace - Its so good and they use 2 different crusts on the pie. One for the top and one for the bottom.

  4. Ah, yes--I, too, first learned of the Elegant Farmer when working at a camp in Mukwonago!

    Being in Burlington, we get these babies delivered to our grocery stores in the fall. I've debated trying to make one myself...

  5. Growing up in the Lake Geneva area I have had many of these pies. I have to say, they are the BEST. My favorite is the berry or Michigan Cherry baked in the bag.Now living on the west coast when I go home to visit my family, that is one request I have is to go and get a pie. And best yet is the day olds at half price that are just as yummy!!!

  6. This pie was featured on Throw Down with Bobby Flay, and it looked so incredible, that I googled apple pie in a brown paper bag this morning and found your blog. I am wanting to make my own version of this type of a pie, and was intrigued when they described their topping as similar to a sugar cookie. I was wondering if it really is like a sugar cookie topping?


  7. I saw this pie on Throwdown with Booby Flay also. The recipe only shows one crust recipe and the owners said that they use a separate recipe for the top crust. Do you have it?

  8. Shannon - they are good 2 days after, I never saw the day old ones I would buy those in a heart beat.
    Lori - it is kind of like a sugar cookie, very buttery and crisp and you can break off pieces. So if you like crisp sugar cookies then it would be like one.
    Anon - I don't have it but I think its on the food network site.

  9. your site is amazing. You have given me many ideas for recipes to try. Thank you.

    Do you have a recipe for the apple pie baked in a bag? I did not find it on food network. They only had the recipe that Bobby Flay used in the challenge.

    I am looking for a site to purchase larger amounts of vanilla, orange extract and cinnamon. Do you have one you like?

    Thank you again for your site and the amazing photography!


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