This might be the longest I have ever gone without posting. This past week has been crazy. I have been testing a recipe for a contest I am entering, doing my final prep for the birthday cupcake extravaganza and packing for our trip. So this post is not food related unfortunately but it will still be good as I have been awarded with my first blog award. Thanks to Teresa Cordero Cordell over at Mexican American Border Cooking I get to bestow this award to 5 fellow bloggers. So here is the award and the lucky recipients.

Grace from A Southern Grace, I look forward to the humor and great food on this site everyday!

Leslie from The Hungry Housewife, PMS Cookies and Brownies Need I say More!

Cathy from Noble Pig, I enjoy every post and commentary on life.

Patricia from Technicolor Kitchen, I look forward to reading this blog daily and appreciate all of the helpful information she bestows.

Kevin at Closet Cooking, Beautiful pictures and even better sounding food.

I might be able to post my contest recipe and photo I need to read the fine print of the rules. So Stay tuned!


  1. Thank you so much! Can't wait to hear about this contest thing.

  2. Congrats on the award! It is well deserved. Thanks for the award.

  3. Congrats on your award Katie!

  4. if you could see me...well, that'd just be weird...but if you could, you'd see that i'm blushing. :)
    thanks so much, and good luck with all you've got going on!

  5. Dear Katie, thank you!
    I'm honored by the award and your kind words.

  6. Thank you thank you thank you!
    I will post about it when I get a spare second in my hectic life!!!

  7. Congratulations of the award! Great picks, I'm a reader of all of them!

  8. Noble Pig - I read the rules and no posting til after September 15th because then either I made it or I didn't.
    Kevin - You deserve it too!
    HoneyB - Thanks!
    Grace - Awww. Well you deserve it!
    Patricia - Well its all true!
    Leslie - Its ok it took me over a week to finally post about it. Life gets that way sometimes.
    ClumbsyCookie - They are some great reads, I agree.


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