Birthday Party Cupcakes

If you have read my blog lately you probably know that I was tapped to make cupcakes for my twin niece's first birthday party. After trying out different flavor combinations the 3 cupcake flavor were settled and I set about planning and packing all of the items I needed to make the cupcakes. So with my suitcase packed and a half day of work I was ready to go. We raced to the airport to catch our flight only to have a 5 hour delay for weather. Well they said weather until we got on the plane and then informed us that it was mechanical. How nice of them. So instead of getting in at 9 we got in at 1 am. Luckily the twins were quiet that next morning as we needed some sleep. The party went off with out a hitch. The cupcakes were completed that morning and everyone seemed to enjoy them. This is a picture of the table with the cupcakes on it.

Oh and we had a nice 2 hour delay on the way home too! I love the airlines! And Happy Birthday to me! I'm the BIG 26 today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sorry about all your trouble with the airlines, but happy birthday to you!

  2. Happy Birthday to you. I'm trying to remember 26 but I have recollection...where did those 11 years go?

    Anyway soory about the crap luck at the airport and very sweet cupcakes!

  3. Happy birthday Katie! You should bake some cupcakes for yourself now.

  4. Happy Birthday!! Traveling these days pretty much sucks!!

  5. well happy belated birthday to you--i hope you have some terrific food and lots of fun in celebration!
    oh, and i share your frustration with the airlines. if i could have one flight that goes as it's supposed to, that'd be great. :)

  6. Happy Birthday! Mine is next week. I like chocolate cupcakes ;)

  7. Love the cupcakes..hate the airlines!!!I like the cupcake stands as well!
    Oh you should try the Cookie Chip Chocolates..they are super addicting..but seriously my wrist was in so much pain..trying to pipe regular consistancy cookie dough through a #12 tip...not too much fun!

  8. Thanks again Katie! Just finished the last of the Mint Chocolate cupcakes that were did I mention...out of this world good!

  9. That table looks so cute! Congratulations to you and to your niece!

  10. Oh wow, you're such a good aunt! It looks like her party was delicious! I just became an aunt again this morning - I have a new niece and I would love to make these cupcakes for her first birthday party! :)

  11. Happy Birthday to you and your niece! Lucky girl....I want some of those cupcakes!

  12. Happy birthday Katie. I think your cupcakes look great. It's amazing what we do for our families, isn't it. Someday your niece will see this picture and thank Auntie Katie.

  13. How lovely, the cupcakes all look adorable and delicious.

    Happy belated birthday!

  14. What a sweet aunt you are! Lovely presentation of the cupcakes. Hope you had a nice birthday :)!

  15. Wanderluck - Thanks.
    NoblePig - I'm trying to remember 21 it feels like forever ago.
    Emiline - I'm a little cupcaked out at the moment. Ill give it a few weeks and I should be back in the cupcake game.
    Cathy - I agree I wish I didn't have to but its a necessary evil.
    Grace - Its always the flights that you needed to be some place at a certain time too!
    Shelly - Thank and Happy Early Birthday to you!
    Leslie - They do look good but I don't like pain that much. :)
    Anon (Kelly) - I'm glad you liked them well there were a bunch of extra ones so I hope you gave some away.
    ClumbsyCookie - I guess I can't type they are actually twins, but the set up is all P's sister. She did a great job decorating.
    Hillary - Congrats and I would make these cupcakes for the party its a heck of a lot easier than a full blown birthday cake!
    Jessica - well if you were in ATL you could have had some there were a lot of leftovers.
    Teresa - It is but everyone seemed to like it so that was enough for me.
    Hannah - they were really good I had to stop myself at 2 because I knew if I ate any more it would all be down hill from there.
    Sophie - Thanks, I wish I could take credit for the decor but I can't that is all the twin's mom. She is really good at it isn't she.

  16. Happy birthday, dear Katie! I hope you have a lovely day.
    The cupcakes look absolutely adorable - you are a pro!


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