And the People who get to Taste my Hand Crafted Vanilla Extract Are.....

Through the wonderful the 3 Random numbers are....... 29, 18 and 8. Congrats I will be sending you some Handcrafted Vanilla Extract!

And Because I hit my 50 people comment mark I picked one more person to win some extract!

So gave me number........ 17!!!!!!!!!

29 -
Megan said...

I would love to try your vanilla!!! And I love the little bottles that you used.
I voted for your risotto. I have a recipe in the contest too but after seeing several of you with votes in the 1000's, I gave up on my poor queasadilla with little 50 votes. LOL O-well!

18 -
Ingrid said...

Oh, hey! I'm crossing my fingers that I win so I don't have to make my own. :)

Good luck on your contest....gonna hop over and check it out now.

8 -
Mary Ann said...

Wait! Sorted it out - you can find the tweet here:

17 -

Miss Isabelle said...

Yes, please!

I tweeted -

And to answer some of the questions I was asked -

I get my Vanilla Beans from Vanilla Saffron Imports.

I got my bottles and basically any jar or bottle I ever get for anything at Specialty Bottle.

My labels - now this was a pain in the you know what. I downloaded every program I could find and nothing would work/I didn't have patience to learn anything that complicated, these were supposed to be easy labels. So finally I used the background image and altered the dimensions to fit the label size and then used Avery's Design Pro software since that was the label brand I was using and set the picture as the back ground. I love how they turned out I just wish I could have figure that out day one instead of day 10! :)

And Don't worry for those of you who didn't win I made some more goodies a few months back and before I leave for London on Thursday I will do another giveaway!

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