Borough Market.....I wish I could live there

I had a fantastic time in London, honestly probably my favorite trip over there. And one of the highlights of my trip was going to Borough Market, Thanks to my best friend for knowing that a food blogger would die and go to heaven in a place like this and making it one of our first stops.

Get ready for a Photo Extravaganza because there was just so much going on and I don't even know if I saw half of it.

First I will start with the first thing that we got there Raclette. It was amazing!

Here is the cheese melting looking delicious under the warmth of the flame.

Then they scrape off all of the cheese onto potatoes, pickles and pickled onions. They finish it off with freshly ground black pepper. They just grab it off the heat with bare hands I was in awe.

Finished plate. We got one to share and I wished that we had each gotten one after we started eating, it was fantastic. We went back up but the line was really long much longer than what we had already waited through so we pushed on.

We enjoyed our Raclette in this park/church area right next door and we weren't alone.

While walking back in and passing the Raclette booth I saw that they also made some toasted cheese sandwiches which I was tempted to buy but knew there were other goodies to eat throughout the market.
So we made our way to the area that held most of the produce. It was beautiful all of the colors and varieties of vegetables and fruits.

These tomatoes were fantastic looking, we picked up some yellow cherry tomatoes to take home and they did not disappoint.

I love when carrots have their tops on still and these little beauties were wonderful and still smelled a little like dirt just how a carrot should.

And any type of asparagus you could want, even some very interesting looking skinny asparagus.
And Mushrooms all laid out in a cascading pattern. I was so tempted to buy some but resisted as they were not part of our tapas menu for later in the weekend.

So we moved to what was on the menu, of my favorites. Cheese and lots of it. I was amazed at the huge wheels of cheese and made sure to sample as many as I could.

The most amazing Gruyere, honestly probably the best I have ever had.

Yes that is 4 wheels of parmigiano reggiano cheese you see and there was more where that comes from. I think I tried 20 different cheeses and all of them were good. We bought a Stilton, Parm, a soft goat cheese and a soft cows milk cheese. All of which were fantastic.

I loved seeing all of the different meat and seafood booths just knowing that everything was so fresh and out there for you see and smell.

There were so many types of sausages from all over Europe it was hard to decide what to get.

And how could you pass up a sample of prosciutto that was carved right off of the ham that still had the foot attached!

And Imagine noon on a 75 degree Saturday not being able to smell the fish at all they were so fresh. Honest they smelled like the sea.

And there were so many other items as well, jams, spices, seasonings, tea.

I loved this huge pile of fleur de sel that you just packed up what you needed and they had flavored salts too.

And tons of bakeries with so many different kids of bread, I was really envious of my best friend now because I can't find a bakery with half of the quantity or quality of bread that they had here near me.
And tons of olives, sun dried tomatoes and other oil cured goodies. I think I ate my weight in all of the free samples that they handed out.

And the Strange one of the bunch...........
Ostrich eggs, yes real ostrich eggs that you could buy and cook.

And Last but not least you don't think I would leave out the sweet would you. And there were plenty to be had.

Ice cream, some flavors I recognize and some I don't, but everyone in line seemed to like the finished product!
And this was atleast 6 feet long of these wooden hand carved bowl that were all attached and intertwined filled with different kids of chocolate truffles.

And brownies seemed to be a popular offering as well as cakes and a few cupcakes.

And some baklava which came in, no lie 15 different forms. We bought 2 kinds and they were both good.

And next to the Baklava was something called Turkish delight which was kind of like a gummy candy, but in interesting flavors like rose water and pistachio.

And we were beckoned over to have a piece by a salesman saying "Don't worry I won't kill you" It was very charming :)

And around the corner from the Turkish Delight was a ton of dried fruits and chocolate and yogurt covered goodies.
And I could have gone crazy over all of this but I restrained.
As the sun was going to be beating down on us for a while as we walked around and I didn't want a bunch of chocolate goo in a bag.

And to end a perfect day we stopped at a bar on the way home for a Magners and took in what a great day we had at the Market.

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