A Day Late ok quite a few

These past few weeks have been quite a doozy for me. I promise to get up some new posts next week. I have some great ideas for what to make this weekend. So everyone cross your fingers!

And with out Further Ado. The winners Thanks to Random.org are

Anonymous Lindsey said...

I stopped drinking soda all together. :)

Mini Baker said...

I started doing 5-6 miles a day on the treadmill! It's keeping my tummy nice and trim, and still lets me eat all the pie I want :)
Oh, and I started doing a good deed every day! It's so gratifying!
-Mini Baker

The first one to respond gets first pick on the prizes.

Have a Great Weekend everyone. Hopefully mine is a productive one!


  1. awwww :( I was off at school and didn't respond in time!! SO BUMMED!
    thanks anyway!
    -Mini Baker

  2. Hi, I just posted a link to your site after winning a little award. I'm just passing on the love :)


  3. You are seriously hilarious. I love reading your blog and have not been leaving nearly enough comments - that will change now. Don't stress too much - I mean we can all handle 2 months of holiday cooking/baking and Christmas gifts, right?!


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