This too Could be Yours


I received an offer from BlogSpark to try out Nature Valley Nut Clusters. I knew I had to try them out for several reasons, P’s favorite part of granola is the clusters that get stuck together, and I know that they use limited High Fructose Corn Syrup. Which I have been trying to eliminate from my diet. But I was shocked when I received all of this. So while munching away on all of the flavors we received I thought what am I going to do with everything I got. Then it dawned on me, most of this stuff was for kids which I don’t have so I donated it to an At Risk school. I’m sure the kids will love playing with the binoculars and wind up flashlight.

And I loved the Nut Lover’s Variety but they were all really good!


So Almost Immediately after that Blogspark. I received the offer to do this one for Yo Plus. I don’t have a a picture of everything you will receive, but there was a duffel bag, 2 coupons for free yogurt, headphones, and a work out towel. So you can be surprised if you win. And I would suggest the Light Honey Vanilla. It had the perfect amount of sweetness and its good for you too!

Yes I said WIN. Some lucky reader will win the Nature’s Valley Pack and Another will win the Yo Plus Prize Pack. I decided to combo them up. One I did something good for my community and the other I did something good for me.

This will end Today October 13th at 5pm CST and is only open to US residents.

So tell me what is something good you have done lately?


  1. I know it is baby steps, but cutting back to 1% milk, hopefully on my way to skim. LOL!!

  2. I started the P90X program. Hard as all get out, but good for me (and hopefully DB soon)!

  3. I unburied my treadmill and stocked up on lowfat goodies, fresh fruit and skim milk. I lost my job in April so decided it's time to do something for myself.

  4. Cooking at home more, it is worth it!

  5. hmm. how about this--i rescued two kittens. talk about win-win!

  6. I stopped drinking soda all together. :)

  7. I started doing 5-6 miles a day on the treadmill! It's keeping my tummy nice and trim, and still lets me eat all the pie I want :)
    Oh, and I started doing a good deed every day! It's so gratifying!
    -Mini Baker

  8. I am finishing up week 6 of the 9 week couch to 5K running program. And am down 12 lbs already. Woo hoo!

  9. I've been making time for yoga even though I'm "too busy". It helps my nerves and also with the pains of being 8 months pregnant.

  10. I'm requiring at least one hour of work on my Master's thesis project per day, but also trying not to get too sucked in.




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