When Good News turns to a Bad Day

So its been quite a while since I have posted and for good reason. I entered a contest a while back but almost completely forgot about it because of how work has been lately. When I got home last Friday there was a call from Nordicware but it was past 5pm. So I called back but knew that I probably wouldn't get a call back until Monday but that didn't stop me from freaking out about the possibilities. So while at work on Monday I was anxiously awaiting the phone call. And it was the news I was hoping for I was the finalist for the Thanksgiving Bundt Cake. You can check out the list of the winners here. So that means my first trip to San Francisco and my first competition. So that is very exciting.

Onto the unfortunate bad news is that I ended up in the hospital on Monday night and then back again on Tuesday night until Friday. So it appears I have a colon infection due to stress and was set off by something I ate. Oh yea and Im 26 with ulcers in my colon. So that meant 2 hardcore antibiotics through my IV and I have to take them for another 8 days in pill form. So Im starting to feel better and I just want to be in top shape for the competition.

And if anyone has any tips for what to do in San Francisco for a few days or for dinner plans I have never been there before.

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