I've been Bad

I know its been far to long between posts and I'm sorry but I promise that in the next few days I will not disappoint with several posts. If you don't remember from last year I LOVE Christmas. As soon as Thanksgiving is over, ok lets be honest before it even is Thanksgiving Im in total Christmas mode, I want to decorate the house, and I get in holiday baking mode. I Start to Stock up on butter, flour, sugar and all the essentials. So my Dining Room table is now covered in that and I can't wait to start baking tommorrow.

If you don't remember last year's boxes HERE is the post.

But Don't worry I push myself probably too hard and I have to top the previous year's box each year so here is the planned list of items for the box.

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
Peanut Butter Cookies
Pistachio Spice Cookies
Spritz Cookies
Spiced Sugar Coins
Chewy Molasses Cookies
Mini Rum Butter Cakes
Lemon Bread
Streuseled Banana Bread
7 Layer Bars
Cinnamon Coffee Cake Bread
Grand Marnier Glazed Baby Cakes

Now on to the Barks
White Chocolate Peppermint
Dark Chocolate Cherry
Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter
Cookies and Cream
Expresso Almond
Pina Colada

And There might be one more bark and possibly caramels.

So I will have my hands full for the next three days wish me luck and pray for my feet!


  1. Okay, send me some of your energy right now just to do what I'm doing for Christmas!

    You've got quite a job ahead of you for the next three days.

    I could do much more if I could send my family away until Christmas Eve. As usual, someone needs something right in the middle of a recipe.

  2. you will definitely be one busy girl!

  3. Good luck and have fun. I have cut my gift giving down CONSIDERABLY this year. My 3 year old and I made peppermint bark (which I think turned out horribly, but I have been assured it is yummy) and chocolate chip cookies and some fudge. I will be making a few cakes for close family, but that is it. Have fun and happy baking!!!!

    PS - my word verification is funny - incoma - thats where we will be after the baking season. :-)

  4. Good luck and have fun! Your list sounds delicious!!!

  5. good. googa. mooga. we'll look forward to seeing you when you come up for air!!

  6. it was fun doing this season's baking with you -
    look forward to doing it again next year -


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