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I'm Back........There is a post traveling around the blogosphere and I figured since its My 27th Birthday, I would share My 10 Words with you.

If you want to see what inspired me to do this check out Elle's 10 Words and Letter Girl's 10 Words.

Trust - I tend to not trust people until they give me a reason to.

Faith - You have to have faith in something. Whether its god, mankind or yourself. With out faith in something I think you are lost.

Sarcasm - If you don't understand the subtleties of sarcasm then we probably can't be friends.

Family - Both Blood and Otherwise. I don't know what I would do without them. They are all very supportive and loving. They can be weird at times but as my Mother says Normal is boring!

Christmas - My absolute favorite time of year. Once its maybe 6 months away I start thinking about it. It drives P crazy when I start talking about what get people 6 months in advance. It makes me all childlike again and since I'm 27 I don't see this stopping soon!

Chocolate - I can't have the name of my blog with out Chocolate being of my favorite words! You can never go wrong with chocolate!

Crunch - Not only is it a fun word to say, but some of my favorite foods make this noise when you bite into them.

Presents - I love to give them and receive them. I'm actually horrible at keeping them a surprise, I will want to give you a present as soon as I buy it for you.

Joy - I think Joy is better than Happiness because it is so overwhelming that you can't help but be consumed with it.

Can't - I have a stubborn streak that if you say I can't do something, I will do it just to spite you even if I really didn't feel like doing it in the first place.

Those are my 10 words what are yours?

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  1. Happy birthday to a fellow Leo. :) I keep meaning to do the 10 words ... one of these first days.

  2. happy anniversary of your exit from the womb, katie! great word selection--for the record, we could definitely be friends. i have a highly sensitive sarcasm detector. :)

  3. Happy birthday dear friend. May you live to be 100. Excellent choice with the ten words. My personal favorite is...chocolate. Christmas is a close second.


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