One of my Favorite Places

So while my kitchen was on hiatus I decided I would take some pictures of one My Favorite Places!

So here it is, Ream's Elburn Market. It is a great find and I love to go here. When P and I first moved to our house, I was not impressed at all with the grocery stores near us. So I was still trekking 25 minutes or more to go to the ones I used to go to. That was getting old quick especially in the wonderful Chicago winter. So after a great produce market opened up, I was able to shop there. But, I still didn't have any place to get great meat. So after some Internet searching, (Thank you Google) I found Ream's and I have been going back ever since. It has a Small Town Butcher Shop feel that I just eat up and that fact that they win awards left and right doesn't hurt either. So I will give you a few highlights of why I love Ream's.

First and foremost that is right people. This is all Bacon, and its fantastic. Did I mention that they make 4 different kinds of Bacon, Yep you heard right 4 Different kinds made right there by them! My Personal Favorite is the Cinnamon Bacon. It's not overly sweet at all just tastes great when dipped in Maple Syrup.

They make their own sausages. That means I know where my food is coming from and who is making it and that is starting to be more and more important to me. Also they have such a wide variety of sausages, you can try something new almost every time you go there. P loves that they have Andouille sausage, because that is hard to come by up here in the North.

The Butcher Case is something out of a Meat Lover's Fantasy. Any cut or type of meat you want is there and they even have some flavored already for you. And their Stuffed Chicken Breasts talk about delicious, when I don't feel like making my own these are the only ones I will eat.

Yes, whole sides of smoked salmon and you can pick plain or peppered. If I want to get in my Mom's good graces I just need to bring her some of this, she will devour a 3 inch piece in 2 days and that is with her restraining herself!

Wait there is still more you say! Yes there is, In addition to everything else that they make they find the time to make fantastic jerky and sausage sticks. In about a million flavors I might add. There is honestly a whole case filled with these buckets of different flavors. We always walk away with a few different kinds even if we say we are just going for Bacon and some Sausage.

And this is only a small percentage of what they have to offer. Check out the whole list HERE.

Special Thanks to Ream's for letting me take a few photographs on a Busy Sunday afternoon.

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