The Downfall of My Diet

I would have to say hands down that cheese is one of my weaknesses. I can't get enough of it and the more fat in it the better! So when Ile De France asked if I would like some free cheese of course I jumped at the chance and this also gave me the opportunity to enter their picture contest for making a fantastic cheese plate! I would have to say that cheese plates are a huge part of my entertaining repertoire because they are easy to make and require very little intervention from me for people to enjoy. I can just set out a cheese plate and everyone can mix and match what they like.

I have 4 must haves I require when making a cheese plate.

Must have 3 - 5 cheeses, any more than that its too confusing and any less and its not really showcasing any cheese variety. Mine has Goat Cheese (chevre), Brie, and Roquefort.

Must have a fruit, honey and a fruit spread in order to gain the sweet notes out of the cheese and to complement the tang of the cheese. In this case, I have apples, grapes, raw white honey, and fig jam. All of these play well with the cheeses I have selected.

Must have both bread and crackers. I think the combination of the two will please everyone and it gives you more flexibility with how you can make combinations.

And Last, I don't like to label the cheese on purpose. I like people to try a cheese before they know what it is. Some one might completely write off chevre because it is goat cheese, but if you don't tell them they might try it and find out that they love it.

I think Cheese plates are all about experimenting and education. There are so many great cheeses out there and if you don't try them you will never know what you are missing out on.

So this weekend why not make a cheese plate for a Sunday afternoon lunch or appetizer for Sunday dinner. Try a new cheese that you have never heard of before. Be sure make friends with your Cheese Monger, most will let you sample any cheese before you buy. And let's face it who doesn't like free cheese! I know I do!

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