And the winners are

Sorry for the Delay on this, I'm still trying to re group from my trip to San Francisco. There will be a post about that soon.

So the winners are...........Drum Roll Please................................

5,29,31 (Thanks

5 - SKM said...

Happy two year anniversary to you! I'm very tough to surprise, so when my boyfriend now husband proposed, I was quite surprised. He had hidden my engagement ring behind his set of "The Lord of the Rings" books. Although they are some of my favorites, he knew I'd never look there. :)

29 - Kristin said...

I tweeted, too!!

31 - moondiva said...Katie...Happy 200th post and 2 Years!!!! I have you bookmarked in my favorite favorites.

Best surprise ever...first year Aubrey and I were married, we had known each other less than a year and immediately moved from LA to NJ. I had admired a wonderful Native American crafted necklace in a local shop. Christmas morning there it was tucked inside a flannel gown. And I still love it!

So I put all 3 numbers in a hat and let P choose the surprise package winner and he drew.........


So congrats!!!!!! If you could email me your address so I can send out the packages!!!

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