My Saucy Winners!


Thanks to for giving me my winners and with out further ado the winners are……..


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 Jamie said...

My simple dinner is actually pizza. I keep everything in the fridge and then just have to make the dough ahead of time. What's not quick is clean up, but that can always wait till tomorrow. And everybody is happy.
I also have a super quick yet super luscious chocolate layer cake for when I need a quick snack or dessert cake.

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Kendra said...

My favorite simple dinner is grilled cheese. Nothing fancy but sure is good! Would love to try one of these sauces.

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Maria said...

I love watermelon in the summer. I know not a big dinner, but my favorite:) Thanks for the giveaway!

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Krista said...

These paninis look so good! My favorite go-to simple recipe is tacos. To keep it healthy, we use ground turkey and wrap them up in lettuce shells instead of taco shells. Add black beans, brown rice, salsa, and a bit of cheese- Voila! instant yumminess!! Or, if I'm feeling extra lazy, I'll just do mac & cheese with tuna. Sounds gross, but hubs and I love it!

So Email me your Address, and which Marinade you would like to try!

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