My Favorite Place In San Francisco


I Love San Francisco. It is just a place that speaks to me, the people, the weather, the food community. If I could live there I would. So while P and I were visiting over Labor Day Weekend we hit up a few places we love and a few new places. If you haven’t guessed already my Favorite Place is the Ferry Building and its Saturday morning Farmer’s Market. I’m like a kid in the Candy Store, looking at everything, wanting to get one of everything and getting a little upset that I can’t have it all. So I knew that we would have to go again this trip and this time take Full Advantage of the Market and pick up a few things for a picnic. Basically just an excuse to buy produce since I didn't have kitchen I could use there.


These tiny grapes were everywhere and people where snapping them up.


They had Peppers in every color I could think of. At this Point I wished I had a Kitchen.


Another thing I never see at our Farmer’s Market, Huge Bunches of Fantastic Smelling Lavender.


Every type of peach, plum, pluot, and more hybrids I had never heard of.

IMG_2428 Again Wishing I had a Kitchen to use, but I bet the bill would have been higher than it already was!


Check out Frog Hollow Farm and say Hello to Cameron. He will let you taste all of the jams and conserves and give you great conversation as well!


P’s new favorite Breakfast, Chilaquiles. He is in love.


How can you resist free cheese? Especially when it is good cheese.


Cowgirl Cremery. I think I could have stayed there all day tasting cheese, the cheese monger that helped us was wonderful and helped us pick out the best cheese for our picnic at The Presidio.


They were packed with people, I think the sign that Chefs vs. City was there didn’t hurt!


Miette, so cute and how can you resist macaroons?

Now can you see why it is my Favorite Place in San Francisco. It has it everything you would ever want and lots of things you never even knew you needed.

Again I’m just saying if some one opened up a kitchenette rental area near by you would make a killing.

Other Highlights of the Trip were eating dinner at Gary Danko, and seriously if you can afford to eat there or even if you have to save up for years to eat there I would recommend it. The best dinner of my life, Hands down and even P loved his food. I wish we could have eaten there twice. I would have taken pictures but the lighting in there was horrible for food shots, perfect for dining, and maybe if I had brought my point and shoot it would have been a different story. Lesson Learned.

Tartine was good, super crowded on a Saturday afternoon and really really hot inside the store. We got some sandwiches to go and ate at the Park near by. I loved the choices and the baked goods but our sandwiches while much larger that I thought they would be were alright, needed a little something extra.

Bi Rite Creamery, I was a little scared as there was a line that was atleast 20 people long, but in my personal opinion people don't wait in line for mediocre food so it had to be good. So wait we did and lucky for us since we were full from Tartine we got one 2 scoop which to my surprise you could have 3 flavors. So we had Salted Caramel, Roasted Banana, and Ricanelas (cinnamon with snickerdoodles). All of which were very very good. But I would have to say that Roasted Banana was my favorite!

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