Fake out Trifle

I said I would use up the rest of the brownie pieces in something and here it is. P loves trifles, I mean LOVES them. Now he didn't even know what a trifle was until he met me but now that he does he can't get enough. So these are Fake out trifles because I use a fake out mousse. This can dessert can be thrown together in minutes and stored in the fridge for a few days. This is my go to dessert in the summer because its easy and looks beautiful with minimal effort. Follow any one of the variations listed below for a more refreshing summer dessert. But the chocolate and strawberry combination is fantastic and the chocolate chips give it a nice texture.

Fake out Trifles

Left over Brownie Pieces from Never look back Brownies
1 box of Instant Jello Pudding, Chocolate Fudge flavor
1 1/2 cups of heavy cream
2 teaspoons of powdered sugar
20-25 strawberries sliced lengthwise

Prepare the Jello according to the package directions. And set aside to thicken.
Pour the heavy cream into the bowl of mixer and whip on medium speed until it start to thicken slightly and then sprinkle in the powdered sugar. Turn the mixer to high and whip until you have stiff peaks. Add 1/3 of the whipped cream into the pudding and stir to combine to lighten the texture of the pudding. Once that is combined add in the rest of the whipped cream and fold to combine. Once you have folded in all of the whipped cream, set it aside.

To Assemble
In the bottom of you dish cover the bottom with the brownie pieces, then layer on the faux mousse, then layer on the strawberries. Repeat until the dish is full and try to have either the mousse as the top or the strawberries.

I do this in many variations but the same basic idea. I do one with angel food cake, and lemon pudding and raspberries and blackberries. And one with and orange pound cake, cheesecake pudding and strawberries.


  1. Omigoodness, I'm salivating. Your photos are as delicious as your treats. I don't think I could whip up this trifle, but you are an inspiration. Keep posting!

  2. OMG that looks do decadent! I wish I had some laying around.

  3. Those look wonderful! What a grat way to use up brownies. I usually don't have too many 'left over' brownies in my house, ha ha. Love the chocolate and strawberry combination, perfect for summer.

  4. Hi! I just linked by from tastespotting. Forgive me for not knowing the proper name for the glasses that trifles are served in, but are the ones in your photos mini sized glasses for individual portions? They are really cute!

  5. Oh my. I'll have to make the brownies just so I can make the trifle! Great recipe idea for my vacation!

  6. This might be the best "fake" dessert I've ever seen! Love it!

  7. Katie, I would never have thought of doing this with brownies. Love the idea!

  8. Sweet Freak - Thanks, I'm sure you could whip up this trifle or any trifle.
    Marc - It is decadent but the mousse makes it lighter so its not just a heavy dense dessert.
    BakingBlonde - I don't normally have many leftovers either but I had some from the party and I wasn't going to let them go to waste.
    BYH - You can buy a Trifle bowl which is just a bigger version of the glass in my pictures. But any Clear bowl with a flat bottom will do. I normally serve it in a bigger bowl but it doesn't photograph as well. The little glass that I used was from Crate and Barrel its just an all purpose glass but I thought it would be great for pictures of trifles and ice cream.
    HoneyB - They really are good and have a good vacation. Cooking on vacation is so much fun!
    My Sweet and Saucy - Thanks, well only part of it is fake so I guess that counts for something! :)
    Patricia - Thanks. And its not limited to just brownies that is the nice part.

  9. Fabulous idea! Delicious combination of flavours!


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