It's a Sad Day

I was off of work on Friday to spend the day with P. And I get online this morning and low and behold Tastespotting is closed due to legal issues. I am honestly in shock. I would visit that site multiple times a day and would challenge myself to make something Tastespotting worthy. It is one of the sites that pushed me to get better and to learn from other bloggers. It is a sad day that this site is gone. I would be so happy when ever my post made it on tastespotting it was like getting an A on a paper in school. I had some recipes planned for this weekend and hopefully some one will step up to the plate and start a new site because I don't know where else I will post my dishes.

Tastespotting Please Come Back!


  1. I am so sad to see it gone too. It's how I found your blog! Well, if you find another site like it, please let your readers know. :)

  2. Like eva, I found your blog on Tastespotting. I couldn't believe that it was actually gone!

    Marc at norecipes mentioned something in his most recent blog entry about picking up where Tastespotting left off... but I guess we'll have to see.

  3. Eva - I will let people know as soon as I find anything remotely like Tastespotting.
    Kate - I have seen a few people throwing some sites together but I think it will be a rough few weeks at least before we see something really take its place. I'm still in shock.

  4. I actually found you thru tastespotting and because if that, I visit your site regularly. There is a new site out there that someone has started. Check it out:

  5. There's an excellent Tastespotting-esque site at :)


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