I think I went a little overboard

My Fruit Market that I go to was having a sale on peaches and plums and so I thought I would stock up. That I could bake a lot with them. Well as they were only 10 cents a piece I went a little overboard. I bought 20 each. So now I am strapped as to what to do with them. So please help another food blogger out. With out Tastespotting I am a little stuck. I had all of these ideas that have some how started to fizzle or I didn't need as much fruit as I thought. So if you have any ideas please let me know. I have started to go through my cookbooks but if you know a good recipe let me know.

On a side note. I want to know what 5 things you keep in your house for cooking that you can't live with out. I was looking in my fridge today and realized I always have heavy cream, butter milk, and pounds of butter. And that most people probably don't always have those. So my 5 things would be heavy cream, buttermilk, butter, vanilla bean paste, and kosher salt.


  1. butter
    Can you tell that I love to bake?

  2. Love, TasteSpottingJune 25, 2008 at 12:50 AM

    "With out Tastespotting I am a little stuck."

    You'll be unstuck soon!

  3. Oh - I have a recipe for Texas Peach Cobbler on my blog that was fantastic! And, I remember seeing somewhere a crisp that involved both peaches and plums.... oh shoot... where was that?
    Have fun!

  4. garlic
    olive oil

    ...why not make a bunch of things? A tart with frangipane, a cake, a pie?

  5. Okay, I'm a savory gal so I would saute some and put them on one of my grilled pizzas. Or you could saute them and serve them on ice cream or mascarpone cheese. Do it daily and you'll work through them quickly.

    My 5 items -
    Olive oil
    Fresh eggs
    White wine



  6. I just posted a fruit cobbler on my blog yesterday.

    Or how about chunking up the fruit, sliding the pieces onto a kebab skewer, grilling... and topping with either ice cream OR drizzling on some (sweetened?) heavy cream. THAT sounds so good right now... YUM!

    My five items...
    Heavy Cream

    Okay so that's six... but I bake and GOTTA have those!!! :)

    Have a delicious day

  7. Hi,
    You could use the ingredients you have and make a buttermilk panna cotta with plum/ peach sauce. You could grill the fruit or slice it and freeze it to have when the supply isn't so abundant.
    We always have peanut butter, oats, cottage cheese, yogurt, and almonds. Maggie T.

  8. my list:

    dried beans
    canned tomatoes

    i don't think you went overboard--you can never have too much fruit. :)

  9. Make fruit butter and/or jam! SO GOOD.

  10. One word: brandy.

    Come winter you'll be glad you did!


  11. Olive oil
    Sugars (plain, raw, brown, powdered)

  12. Somebody did grilled pork chops with peach sauce the other day. Check it out on Food Gawker.

  13. Oh my god, 20 peaches for 2$? Can I move there?

  14. Flour, eggs, milk, butter, salt, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sugar...sorry, I couldn't stop at 5!

    I made a peach galette once. It was fantastic and so easy. I followed the recipe for a plum galette on Simply Recipes: http://www.elise.com/recipes/archives/005277plum_galette.php

    There you go, peaches and plums!

  15. The peaches would be all gone into my tummy now, and not make it to the stove or oven. I love peaches, and can't wait for summer to hit Australia again.
    My 5 items I can't do with out.
    Olive oil.
    Icing sugar.
    But I think I could go another ten, no trouble.

  16. Anon - Yes I can I have all of those most of the time at my house too.
    Tastespotting - how cryptic a message you left I hope you are telling the truth.
    Kristen - I think I might just have to try your cobbler. Thanks for the recipe.
    Zooey - I will have to make a lot of things I am just at a loss of what to make.
    Maggie - oooh peaches and ice cream. Maybe I should make Peach Ice cream. Yum
    Em - Grilled Fruit does sound really good right now.
    Anon - I thought about freezing some of it maybe I will if I run out of ideas.
    Grace - You can never have to much fruit but I would like some counter space back! :)
    Melissa - Jam making scares me, I would be afraid I would kill some one.
    Sean - I never thought of that.
    Judith - those are 5 solid must have items.
    Annie and Nate - I saw that and it did look good I'll have to see if P is up to it since I'm not a huge meat eater.
    Weeva - Sure, it doesn't happen every week but when it does I sure get excited.
    Madeline - Plum Galette sounds great thanks for the idea.
    Sally - I can only eat so many peaches a day. Most of my fruit makes it to my oven or stove at some point I always over buy.


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