I think I went a little overboard

My Fruit Market that I go to was having a sale on peaches and plums and so I thought I would stock up. That I could bake a lot with them. Well as they were only 10 cents a piece I went a little overboard. I bought 20 each. So now I am strapped as to what to do with them. So please help another food blogger out. With out Tastespotting I am a little stuck. I had all of these ideas that have some how started to fizzle or I didn't need as much fruit as I thought. So if you have any ideas please let me know. I have started to go through my cookbooks but if you know a good recipe let me know.

On a side note. I want to know what 5 things you keep in your house for cooking that you can't live with out. I was looking in my fridge today and realized I always have heavy cream, butter milk, and pounds of butter. And that most people probably don't always have those. So my 5 things would be heavy cream, buttermilk, butter, vanilla bean paste, and kosher salt.

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